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kaleidoscope in blue

home before midnight to write by moonlight...

7 May

My Ships: **not that I fic all of them**

Raylan/Winona (Justified)
Boyd/Ava (Justified)
Jax/Tara (Sons of Anarchy)
Opie/Donna (Sons of Anarchy)
Clay/Gemma (Sons of Anarchy)
Demitri/Zoey (FlashForward)
Janis/AnyoneSheWants (FlashForward)
Bryce/Nicole (FlashForward)
Bryce/Keiko (FlashForward)
Jonah/Ella (Melrose Place)
Daniel/Amanda (Caprica)
Sam/Kara (BSG)
Juliet/Sawyer (Lost)
Jin/Sun (Lost)
Desmond/Penny (Lost)
Sayid/Nadia (Lost)
Jake/Heather (Jericho)
Henry/Trish (Harper's Island)
Clay/Sam (Awake)
Jordan/Angela (MSCL)
Ben/Felicity (Felicity)

Disclaimer: I totally don't own any characters from any shows/movies/books that leave behind the plot bunnies that create my brain lint. These are all works of fun & obsession, not profit. This is just my toybox & the only things I own are my own original characters.

My Fic Info

I am often inspired to write one shots, drabbles or ficlets, so there should be a good many of them from all kinds of shows, movies or books.

I've a few multi-chapter fics that will be posted but I can't promise they'll ever turn into like, 50 chapter length works. But in general, feedback helps bring back my focus on a story. So if you read something & you want more, do tell.

Some of the shows & movies that have left me plot bunnies aplenty : FlashForward, The 4400, BSG, The Strangers, Jericho, Invasion, Felicity, Awake, My So Called Life, Harper's Island, Sons of Anarchy.

I can safely say that there will be NO BSG fic in the Kaleidoscope. I loved the series & the finale... on the higher end of extreme, so I'm satisfied. It was told well & I'm content to leave it alone. If however, Kara & Lee wound up together in the end in canon I'd not likely feel this way. Besides, there are copious amounts of BSG fic out in the world being done awesomely. They don't need me. :D My heart is all about the little fandoms & I've got plenty to keep me busy.

And lastly, since my journal is featuring multiple fandoms, I'll always make sure to only use fandom relevant icons.

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